Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not to be racist

I was perusing Facebook today when I stumbled upon this thought-provoking discussion topic: “Without being racist, which group/race of people do you guys consider the most annoying?”

How can you answer this question without being racist? You can’t. Even if you said something like, “Blacks annoy me at times, but you know what, I’ve learned to tolerate them and respect their athletic prowess,” you’d still be racist. In fact, I’m racist for typing that sentence, and you’re racist for reading it.

My friends and I have often criticized the preface, “Not to be racist.” As in, “Not to be racist, but Asians drive like they’re using chopsticks” or “Not to be racist, but they all look alike. You know. The Jews.” A better way to soften such a statement would be to say, “Though I am being racist, I mean no ill will—I simply hate Polacks.” Once you have admitted your racism and expressed that you mean no offense, all bets are off.

But anyway, Mexicans.

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