Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pizza Huff

I have a sneaking suspicion that Pizza Hut is lying to us in their recent Tuscani Pasta ad campaign. Real people, at a real Italian restaurant, are tricked into eating real Pizza Hut food, and are real impressed.


One woman says of the Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese churning in her mouth, “This is decadent.” Yeah, nothing says decadence like sprinkling some Bac-Os onto your mac ‘n cheese. Molto bene!

But we’ve all experienced it. We go to an upscale Italian restaurant, and there’s one of those waiters wandering around with a bottle of Bac-Os begging you to “Say ‘when.’”

“Whoa there, lay off my pasta, Ignacio. How about we move those babies over to my salad?”

“Sorry, sir, Bac-Os are reserved for the pasta, but perhaps I can interest you in some marinara sauce for that salad of yours.”

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